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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

We are flexible with where you want to work, as long as you can work +/- 2 hours EET.

 eBrands is a Finnish start-up that acquires, operates and scales small and medium-sized Amazon brands with potential category-winning products on global marketplaces. We are well-funded, backed by Icebreaker.vc and prominent start-up founders.

We’re looking for a CFO who is passionate about growing the business. The ideal candidate would be willing to get their hands dirty in developing the basic financial and accounting structures, while simultaneously being able to scale for the future and drive critical strategic initiatives. We are looking for a solid track record in negotiating fundraising deals, and experience in evaluating M&A deals. 

Your responsibilities would include (but likely not be limited to) 

  • Managing the Financial Control and Accounting for eBrands, as well as the businesses we buy and operate 
  • Driving the fundraising effort (equity and debt funding) 
  • Supporting the M&A process of purchasing, integrating, and measuring the success of the new brands, including the financial due diligence process 
  • Creating and driving the eBrands acquisition strategy 

What do we do and why? 

The global marketplaces, such as Amazon and Alibaba have become the new standard for consumer retail. In 2020, over $300Bn worth of goods were sold through Amazon in the US alone. 

In addition to the traditional large consumer brands, these marketplaces have enabled an explosive growth of “garage brands” in global markets. Often these smaller brands have been started as a hobby or to provide a secondary income for entrepreneurial individuals. As Amazon and other marketplaces have enabled global customer base and 3rd party seller shipping and storage services for these small players, many of them have grown well beyond what has traditionally been possible for small business (+$500k revenue, +20% EBITDA). In 2021 the total revenue from 3rd party sellers in Amazon is expected to exceed $270 Bn. 

eBrands has been established in 2020 to identify, purchase and manage great brands among these 3rd party sellers. eBrands will develop the purchased businesses by e.g., consolidating, and optimising sourcing and advertising of these brands. 

How do we do things? 

In eBrands, we embrace being a start-up with high ambition to do things bigger, better and faster, while balancing it with being highly focused on what matters. Anyone in eBrands can talk to anyone else about how to best solve the problem – and that’s how we want to keep it as we grow. If we need to make mistakes, we rather make them fast and learn. We all drive to make the company a success. 

And we want to have fun while doing it.

Who can you talk to?

If you think you are the right fit for the role, please contact us. We would love to have a chat and see if you fit in with the team. 👋 😊

Robin Bade

Chief Executive Officer