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Selling your brand is easy

As entrepreneurs we know it can be a tough decision to sell a business that you have poured your heart and soul into building. With eBrands we understand the passion and dedication it has taken to get where you are, but we also understand that you have other goals and ambitions which need your attention.

Some of the benefits of selling:
🏂 Realise a dream
💅 Get your life back
🤑 An injection of cash
💼 Focus on other projects
🕶 Free up time

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell, we can help you take the next step in life.

This is how it works

If your FBA business has got to a stage where you’re looking to sell, you’ve come to the right place.


Fast decision

We get to the important bit straight away and will get you an in-principle decision within 3 days.



We will then issue a Letter of Intent and start a straight forward due diligence process just to check that we have everything ready to take on your brand.


PAYMENT & integration model

Once we make a deal our integration model makes it smooth to work through the process of transitioning accounts and listings.

Are we the right match

We are looking to work with fantastic entrepreneurs who have grown their brand over the last 2-5 years through hard work, strong passion, and endless experimentation.

In addition, if your brand

  • Has a few timeless, non-seasonal, well-reviewed products (large portfolio not needed 😀)
  • Is sold primarily through Amazon FBA
  • Has a profit between $50k - $1m from the last 12 months

We are very interested in talking with you.

Ethical and sustainable sourcing is also important to us.

On your side, if you are looking to sell your brand to a similarly-minded group of entrepreneurs whose focus is on growing your business with professional resources – and rewarding you for it – we are who you are looking for.

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, too

eBrands is an ecommerce group company that acquires, operates and scales small and medium-sized Brands on global marketplaces like Amazon.

Robin Bade

Chief Executive Officer

Jonne Välilä

Chief GROWTH Officer

Milja Merta

Brand Management

Erika Ottela

Chief Operating Officer

Specialists in consumer products

If you're operating in one of these segments, let's have a chat.

Home & Kitchen

We love Home & Kitchen FBA brands.

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Garden & Outdoor

We're specialized in Garden & Outdoor FBA brands.

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Sports & Wellness

We're passionate about Sports & Wellness FBA brands.

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Pets & Hobbies

We're care about Pets & Hobbies FBA brands.

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Arts & Crafts

We're craftsmen of Arts & Crafts FBA brands.

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We're geeks of Electronics FBA brands.

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